Is this guitar good for pop-rock? 3 Customer Ratings: 5. Yamaha’s Pacifica 112 … to the product. I’ve had a 612v, 311h, 112v in a recent past, and i’ve bought a 112jcx (black with head and back neck black toi…beautiful !). Thanks for the reply. Hi Josh As a result, it can deliver a warm and crisp tone. Free delivery for many products! Right!! Whilst this is frustrating, the PAC 112 is a very well made, high quality solid alder body and neck construction that makes an excellent platform to upgrade and customise to the spec I want. Oh ok also is epiphone les lp 100 any better than these I just saw it.My budget is like below 300 pounds so is the Yamaha the best quality guitar and the best guitar at this price that is suitable for my playstyle?. It’s obvious that Yamaha has put a lot of effort into the design and production of this guitar, leading me to believe that with the right amount of care this guitar could last you a lifetime. 3.7 /5. The neck is smooth and comfortable and feels incredibly stable. £250. Also, the humbuckers play a key role in playing heavy, distorted, resonant and lead rhythms. I installed so cheap locking tuners, a Babicz 6 pint bridge (which is awesome) and just put emg pickups in. Total Guitar (0/0) Read review . Yamaha Pacifca 112V. Would a Yamaha Pac be good? Price varies from store to store. But if I am a beginner and would like to play jazz what guitar would you suggest? The neck of the pacifica is better for me, the flatter radius helps to have no buzzing strings (the CV still have a little buzz on some notes, even after a good set up…). Thanks for the comment, Jimen! Although equivalent Fenders (Squier) have upped their game in recent years, the solid alder body Yamaha Pacifica, particularly in a natural finish, was advertised to almost mock the plywood Squiers of the time. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Fender Stratocaster is more popular I have had both these guitars from new, and I think they are excellent for a home player like me.The Pacifica Tele copy is now hard to find on ebay, so I will definitely be keeping mine ! While the Pacifica 112V is at its essence a strat copy, it has some design quirks that not only differentiate it from similarly priced Squier stratsbut actually improve upon them. Hiện có bán tại các đại lý Yamaha toàn quốc. I also have a Pacifica Telecaster copy. Pacifica; Downloads; Pacifica. In the end I chose the 311H over the 611H with intention to mod the PUPs, as aesthetically, I didn't like the 611's thematic and bling, and SD PUPs notwithstanding , … Thanks for this article Josh. The sound quality is not perfect, yet it can harmonize pretty well. And also, I hear talk about how the 112V is as good as or better than MIM Fender Strat. The Pacifica lends itself to more lead playing thanks to a slightly different fret radius. Should you consider the PAC112J or the PAC112V? They are extremely affordable, as Yamaha is not popular with brand name snobs, so everyone regards them as cheap beginners instruments (what people don’t know as they are excellent quality and much better than guitars costing twice or three times as much!). A fried is giving me his Marshall amp so that’s covered. About the Yamaha Pacifica com site… And by the way: I don’t work for Yamaha guitars, and I have absolutely nothing to do with the company. That sounds great! Got a Yamaha Pacifica you’d like to show the world? Thank you. Hi Josh, This is a great summary. Image 3 of 3. You can’t go wrong with the Pacifica 112v. Yamaha. Thanks for an update! In the end I chose the 311H over the 611H with intention to mod the PUPs, as aesthetically, I didn't like the 611's thematic and bling, and SD PUPs notwithstanding , just preferred the 311H. It is made of rosewood and is produced in the country of the Rising Sun - Japan that has always been famous for both classical and modern musical instruments for years. I'm picking up a new (and first) guitar, and I've decided on the Yamaha Pacifica. Yamaha Pacifica 120H, Black - The Yamaha Pacifica 120H Electric Guitar, Black is an updated model of the 112V and is equipped with a pair of Alnico Humbuckers and a Hardtail Bridge. Sure!! sound. Harley Benton. Online experts. But what’s the difference between the Pacifica 012 and the Pacifica 112? This Pickup Alnico-V comes in both a separator and a bridge operated on the coil as a single microphone. But overall you can be confident that it is a well-constructed, well-sounding electric guitar. It’s a great guitar, but it really depends on what you’re looking to buy. The CV 50 is really a beautiful guitar but i prefer the feeling of the pacifica neck and the tone wood too !!! Pacifica 112VM Gray. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m thinking about buying a Yamaha Pacifica 212 wanted to get some feedback from you. Compared to the Squire Affinity range, in my experience the PAC112 with it’s H-S-S configuration is far superior and versatile tone wise thanks to the humbucker. Answer Save. This is a very interesting rewiring mod. 2. So the only difference between 112 and 212 are their visual appeals? In addition, the instrument also features a humbucker bridge, single-coil neck, molded chrome tuner, maple neck, and classic tremolo. The acoustic/mechanical parts of the guitar are FLAWLESS. It is in the low-cost Pacifica, which is well-known worldwide, especially in North America. I am a self-diagnosed Yamaholic! BUT, the hardware sucks. De Pacifica 120H biedt optimale comfort met een handige dubbele cutaway, gestroomlijnde vormen en een lichtgewicht elzenhouten body die prachtige gebalanceerde en zuivere klanken produceert. I’ll try to answer both your questions as best I can: 1) The Pacifica 112V would certainly work for pop-rock. How am I to resist this sound of Lucifer? Endless, thicker, fuller sounds make listeners feel more satisfied. Thanks man have a great day!! I bought it for 300 dollars like 10 years or 15 years ago. my second guitar was a gibson LP studio and the first thing i noticed different is the edge of the fret wires. Buy from Yamaha's UK store. ... Yamaha Pacifica 120H YNS. I really like the yamaha but sadly I can't find a great great deal. The difference between the Pacifica 112J and the Pacifica 112V is the use of the Alnico-V pickups. Guitar điện PAC 112V/120H/112J/012, PAC100 Series thuộc dòng Pacifica phù hợp với sân khấu biểu diễn ở mức giá tốt nhất. Downloads. Despite being made in Asia, the quality and technique combined with the rigorous testing have helped Pacifica rise above the public. 1 Customer . © 2020 AdvisorMusic , All Rights Reserved. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Name English English; Electric Guitar General Owner's Manual — [629KB] Electric Guitar Owner's Manual_EN — [919KB] News & Events. If your need is a cheap electric guitar, you will surely have a few times surfing Yamaha Pacifica’s products. The epi is half off right now on guitar at $250. 2 . It was brought by my fadher 20 years ago, in the summer of 2000, for 700 tunisian dinars, let’s say 400$ (based on a then average exchange rate of 1.5), I began leaning guitar on it during the containment and I would like know if I got a good piece or juste a rubbish. if you don't want to redrill screw holes or shave down the cuts in the body to get your new pickguard to fit, we really need your original or a tracing to insure a perfect fit. I have 6 or 7 Yamaha guitars, both acoustic and electric, and only one of them I bought new (an acoustic FS650MS model), the rest of them are all used. It will sound more like a Fender in regards to the single coil pickups and the neck radius is more like a fender 9.5 radius. Yamaha Pacifica currently has many product lines. I love mine. Hi JA. Yamaha Pacifica 112V UB. How do you split the humbuckers? Online Guides. Nonetheless, these two lines are not one. What additional feedback were you looking for? And you know what ? I live in the UK. While the “VQM” sports a beautiful quilted maple top, the “VFM” is a more subtle flaming maple top. In the end, I bought a Fender Squier, as I could not find a Yamaha left-handed over here. Yamaha Pacifica 112J vs 112V - The Similarities, Yamaha Pacifica 112V vs 112J - The Differences, New Alnico V humbucker at the bridge and splittable (can work on a coil, much like a single microphone), New vibrato, holding the agreement better, Need a substantial upgrade to the vibrato (compare to Strat). … Designed to be player focused, the Pacifica range offers sound, feel and versatility ready for any style or stage. I bought one 112 V a long time and did several changes, like pickups, bridge and tuners. The range of available guitars and amps has never been greater than it is … I ordered the 112v then the store rang back and said they have the 212vqm in stock and they would sell it to me for the same price. It’s probably the main reason it’s such a popular guitar – they are consistently good no matter which one you pick up. Most of the Pacifica’s you’ll see are modeled after the Stratocaster body although there are quite a few differences that are worth pointing out. The Yamaha Pacifica 120H follows on from one of the most well-known guitars in the Pacifica series - the Pacifica 112V. Guitar điện PAC 112V/120H/112J/012, PAC100 Series thuộc dòng Pacifica phù hợp với sân khấu biểu diễn ở mức giá tốt nhất. Check out Pacifica guitars including the 112V, 112J and more now. This screaming guitar adds more versatility to the best-selling Pacifica series. PAC112V is similar to other Pacifica series models, with a bit of design direction from Fender Stratocaster. I am thinking of buying and modding a Pacifica 112J and replacing the tuners to locking grover or sperzel, tusq/graphtec nut, wilkinson 2 point bridge, vintage rails neck, and SH-5 Custom for the bridge. Pacifica 112V UB. Required fields are marked *. Yamaha Pacifica SE 112. You are looking for electric guitars at very affordable prices, yet the quality is not inferior to other lines. While the Yamaha Pacifica’s necks appear to be even narrower, and I’m afraid are just too narrow for my fingers. If I were to describe the Yamaha Pacifica in a few words I would probably choose words like “versatile”, “bright” and “classy”. £199; $453; By Music Radar Team 06 February 2008. Although the price of the PAC112V is higher, the fact is "you'll get what you pay for", so we think you should invest in a PAC112V electric guitar. Yamaha Pacifica 112V UB. Better off asking for the left handed version of the 112v though, as the 112L is little known and might cause confusion. The Pacifica 112V remains not only the perfect start-up guitar for the serious student, but also a solid, reliable choice whatever your age or ability. 2 Customers . This particular model has an all-black look and rosewood fretboard. Im currently torn between the Yamaha pacifica 112v and 311h. I'm into facts, engineering and bang for bucks or value. I’m not even sure why they put it in this series. You could possibly order one online, look for Pacifica 112L or just type in Pacifica 112v left handed, there are dozens of links. The Pacifica range caters to the needs of beginners, amateurs, working musicians and semi-professionals. Yamaha Pacifca 112V. This electric guitar is undoubtedly suitable for professional and demanding electronic guitarists. FAQ – Frequently Asked Beginner Guitarist Questions. The Yamaha Pacifica is one of the most popular beginners guitars ever. While there have been many different series models over the past couple decades, currently there are only 6 guitars in the Yamaha Pacifica Series – the PAC112V, the PAC112J, the PAC012, the PAC1611MS, the PAC212VFM and the PAC212VQM. Not sure which is the better guitar of the two? Cedar stain finish and if i ever see them cheep i grab the necks and make jazzmaster etc out of them. Obviously the sound of each model within the Pacifica Series will vary. The Yamaha is much better quality as well. It's an amazing starting tool. I’m finding it very difficult, I have fat fingers and it’s a real struggle, I’m left-handed, and so the choice of guitars is very limited for me where. 4. Featuring HH and HSS pickup combinations, they cover a wide range of tones, and can handle any genre. Playing metal on a Squier never felt good in my hands, and I always go for the Yamahas! Thank you for your interest! Thank you. Sounds to me like you’re looking for a brand new one, which in this case is seemingly not available – have you considered the used market? 3 Customer Ratings: 5. So, without knowing just how much narrower the neck on a Pacifica is compared to a strat, the risk that the neck will be too narrow for me to play on is a risk I’ve simply been unwilling to take, as tempting as it’s been to pick one of these up (a 212 or 312 specifically). A fantastic website. 1. Aesthetically, there’s also a slight difference in the size of the pick guard. However I have seen an ESP EC-50 and also Epiphone Les Paul Standard which is 280 here. Installed Super-Vee Bladerunner trem, Schaller locking M6 tuners, Bourns 82 series Blue 500K and 250K pots, chrome Telecaster knobs, CRL 5 way switch, Graphtech string tree, screened the cavities and pick guard with copper foil. There will be a small oval showing the model and the serial number is on the left side of the tuning systems - under the headstock. The Yamaha Pacifica has a solid wood Agathis Body. j ai voulu acheter une sqier affinity hss mes le vendeur ma I love a blend pot on my strats but this is the work of the Devil (have you got any diagrams/site links?!!!). Yamaha Pacifica 212 VFM. Click for more details on the Pacifica 112J, Click for more details on the Pacifica 112V. For over a decade now, thanks to affordable electric tar recorders that can bring melodious tones and outstanding performance, Yamaha Pacifica is a famous brand in the world. Some of the PAC112’s have maple fingerboards. Yamaha Pacifica guitars go the extra mile in looks, feel, and tone. This is an electric guitar - a pretty good alternative for Fender Stratocaster version enthusiasts. Get that thing set up by someone who really knows what they're doing and it's just as good any name brand rip off that cost an order of magnitude more. Yamaha PAC112J vs PAC112V - Which is Better? The 112V is something I have been eyeing for some time now as my next upgrade (from a squier tele). Good day, O'zingiz bilan gitara chaladigan do'st tutishingizni tavsiya eting va ikkalasini ham tekshirib ko'ring. I have a Yamaha RGX112P Strat copy (pre the Pacifica range) with a bridge humbucker. My preferred genre is rock (acdc, vai, satriani, etc). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I’ve attached a picture of all four of the guitars that you wanted a comparison for. Greetings to you. No customer has written a text about this; or they have written a text in a different language. Hence, players can choose from a variety of music modes. The Pacifica line of electric guitars was launched in 1990 and was designed primarily by Rich Lasner, who was … I bought my first Pacifica in the early 90’s based on industry insider information that Yamaha UK were only charging just £200 GBP for a guitar that should cost £350 GBP. AdvisorMusic is reader-supported. Hey Randy, thanks for the comment! £250. I have been researching for the past 3 days and I was scared that the guitars will be cheap and not a good quality. Click for more details on the Pacifica 112V. On the right side of the page is a subscription option. The 212 series uses the same high-quality Alnico-V pickups, hence the “V” in the name. But now you’ve told me you’re BLENDING your middle and neck in SERIES?! Armand, Nice reviews. Toon alles. my friends and i started playing a few months ago and they got fender strats and were both saying that theirs are by far better. there are many variations & versions of this yamaha guitar with minuscule differences that make them non-interchangeable. However, the sound it brings is equally unique. That depends on whether you want it to sound and feel like a Fender. Thank you so much you have helped so much. This last model has got me going crazy but they are hard to find now. Therefore, PAC112V will have more advantages when compared to its ancestor. I’m from the U.K. I can tell you that you made a good choice on the yamaha_pacifica_112v. Your email address will not be published. I'm seeing 2 that are rather similar, the 112j and the 112v. Some high-end "Super Stratocaster" lines already use this configuration. Pacifica with humbucker pickups. They are awesome. Yamaha crafted this guitar for legendary jazz guitarist Mike Stern (hence the “MS” in the name). I have only one more question if you can help me- I mean’t CAN’T understand what is switched on, not CAN! And reading the 212 can be uncomfortable for small hands?? 2) I like the solid Cedar top on the Washburn C80 – a feature that will project well. Hello, Josh. Are you learning through the internet? It’s hard to say which guitar – the Squier Strat or the Yamaha Pacifica – would make a better entry-guitar purchase. While Stratocasters are fitted with three single-coil pickups, the Pacifica works with two single-coils and one humbucking pickup (which can be configured to act as a single coil). I got a yamaha 120SD I can’t find nothing about it it started playing again but a couple other guitars but that was wondering what my old Yamaha is worth. Show all. The Yamaha demos by Soren Anderson on YT are the best for showing the guitar as it is IMO. It’s the neck. Hiện có bán tại các đại lý Yamaha toàn quốc. Hey Philip, I’m not entirely sure but based on what their website says, the only difference between the Pacific 112V and the VMX is the addition of a “black tri-ply pick-guard and maple fretboard”. That being said, I think I'd suggest the … Yamaha PAC112J is a model that has been around for a long time. [NEWBIE] [GEAR] Yamaha Pacifica 112J vs 112V. Twenty-two keys with a length of 25.5 "provide a compact and nice feeling. And what will that do for the tone? Any new findings in this concern? The pickup configuration and bridge combine to make a huge range of different guitar tones possible on the Pacifica 112V which aren't on the Pacifica 120H, making it ideal for a beginner's first electric guitar. Hello, I would like to subscribe for this website to obtain newest updates, so Would you recommend the 112V over some of the epiphone guitars around the same price range? I use the site Besides, the 112V also has a push-pull mechanism separating on the negative button. Many thanks! This brand has nine electric guitar models since December 2010, consisting of PAC012, PAC112J, PAC112V, PAC120H, PAC212, PAC311, PAC510, PAC611, and the last one - PAC612. However you left out the PAC120S (Telecaster style.). It is not thorny whether the player wants to combine with a Rock tune. I saw these two Yamaha Pacificas for sale locally and don’t see them listed here.Which one would you recommend as a second guitar. The PAC112J is easy to play, affordable, and has a daring, dynamic design suitable for young amateur artists. Overview; PAC600 Series; PAC500 Series; PAC300 Series; PAC200 Series; PAC100 Series; Features; Specs; Downloads; Manuals. i wouldnt know if squier would be more durable but i definitely would recommend a first guitar buyer the pacifica. The Pacifica 120H provides optimum comfort, with a convenient double cutaway, smooth contours and a lightweight alder body; which also delivers a beautifully balanced tone with good clarity. -What do you think about this guitar please? Yamaha Pacifica 120H, Tobacco Sunburst - De Yamaha Pacifica 120H elektrische gitaar in Tobacco Sunburst uitvoering is het vernieuwde model van de 112V en komt met twee Alnico humbuckers en een hardtail brug. also has great heavy distortion which i've compared to my other more expensive guitars and believe me it kicks arse. Today I can buy 3 Pacifica 112JL’s for the price of one Mexican Fender Strat and yet I preferred the tone, look, versatility, feel and build quality of a single Pacifica against the Mexican Strat. The 212 series uses the same high-quality Alnico-V pickups, hence the “V” in the name. So now I am getting the Yamaha PAC112J in black. Well, any answer you get is likely to be largely subjective… but I’ll give it a go. mieux que la 112v mes je voudrai savoir josh si poind de vue musique elle son les meme ? Moreover, the Pacifica has a slightly deeper sound than the Strat class. Those are my options (for my budget):) Thank you. What Makes the Yamaha Pacifica the Best Starter Guitar vs Fender Squier. The Finger board is made of Rosewood. I have read the comparisons of Squier Strats v Pacificas with interest and they have helped me in reaching a decision of what to buy as an “electric beginner”, but I wonder what you think of the Washburn RX10 series as a comparison? Let us show you now. I am selling a left handed 112j if you’re interested. I’m already planning my third and fourth PAC 112JLs. Buy from Yamaha's UK store. I have a Yamaha bass, and that is perfect. Below we’re going to do a quick review of the series as a whole and then break down the differences between the individual guitars. Yamaha Pacifica 212 Notes. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112J Electric Guitar; Metallic Red, Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar; Sonic Blue. Overall, the PAC112J is Strat inspired, yet it focuses on build quality and player-friendly improvements in the layout. Could you please share any information/feedback about the factory pickups – how bad are they compared to Alnico-V? Are they even real or just replicas. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Comparing Pacifica 112V, Cort G254/G260 and Blade Player Delta PDE-1 and Dayton PDA1, which one you would recommend? PAC112V owns two control knobs, a prominent Yamaha logo on the headstock. Not only are there differences in the construction, Yamaha uses Ash in the body. Relevance. The vibration of PAC112V is even more perfect than that of the PAC112J. Yamaha make best lefties bang for $. Hi, I have just bought a Yamaha pacifica 112 vmx with alder body, maple neck and maple fretboard, the finish is what they call satin, but it feels dry and looks more like bare wood, what if anything should I use to clean and protect the body, neck and fretboard, someone suggested teak or tung oil what do you think? I mostly prefer clean sounds so like a bright open sounding pickup, which is why I went with the Ironstone Gold single coils and an Alan Entwistle HV 58 low output Alnico 2 humbucker to get a better loudness balance betweem the single coils and the bridge humbucker. If so which one? The guitar itself is very well built for an instrument in this price range. My budget is $500ish. But try them both, see what sounds and feels best to you! Yamaha favorably introduces this model: "Delivering awesome value and sound," along with its soaring and easy-to-play melody. I wanted to buy a Yamaha Pacific, in the end I got a Fender Squier. Did you manage to get to play one pacifica at least? 120H belongs to the pretty basic 100 tier (one level above the beginner 012 tier), and is the textbook example of why … With the double cutaway style of body. Toon alles. I had to replace the saddles and they need replaced again due to the rust and corrosion. The 012 features an Agathis body with a Sonokeling fingerboard, while the 112 has a more customary Alder body with a Rosewood fretboard. While the “VQM” sports a beautiful quilted maple top, the “VFM” is a more subtle flaming maple top. Yamaha Pacifica 112V At a Glance. I’m thinking of buying YP 112V. Hello Arman. My first ever electric guitar was the Pacifica 112. What do you think would be the better of the two, Yamaha Pacifica 112v or Squier Affinity Telecaster. Please show us your new guitar once you acquire it! Pacifica 112V is an upgraded version of Pacifica 112J. Surely this will be a gift - a stepping stone for you to get acquainted and promoted for greater progress in the future (with more professional lines). As someone with larger hands, this is a concern, as the Pacifica neck width appears to be considerably narrower than a strat neck, and my fingers already have a hard time playing chords in the first or second fret on a strat and letting the open strings ring out. I have a PAC 112V and like it. I’m interested in the Yamaha PAC 112V. Essentially, it seems I’d have to purchase one sight unseen from some place like eBay. Just doing the split? … The company has fitted the headstock with six standard inline molded controls. The trump card for the Yamaha Pacifica 112 is a powerful humbucker bridge set combined with truly perfect and thorough design details. The 112 is the next step up from the 012 and is generally a more popular electric guitar. In this video i Demo and Review a Yamaha Pacifica 112v Guitar. Designed to be player focused, the Pacifica range offers sound, feel and versatility ready for any style or stage. Where does this leave you with the bridge ‘bucker for tonal changes? Image 2 of 3. Is there some truth to this in your opionion? Yamaha Pacifica 311H According to Yamaha, total sales of the Pacifica are in excess of 1,000,000 since its launch in 1989, and it's arguably the only brand that can hold its own at the lower and mid reaches of the market against the massive names of Squier, Fender and Epiphone. Instead of plugging the guitar in on the face as is common on the Strat, with the Pacifica the plug is on the side. The Pacifica is very underrated in terms of tone and build quality, often regarded as an entry level guitar based on its price, yet it definitely punches well above its weight. I intonated it (done that many times) but it will not hold the tuning. Good luck with your search! One very important aspect of this guitar series seems to have been left out of this review entirely – the width of the neck at the nut. For those who are looking to buy their first guitar and don’t have a lot of money to spend, the Pacifica 012 is an excellent option that you won’t be disappointed with (comes in black, dark blue and dark red). , keep up the good work i ’ d like to yamaha pacifica 112v vs 120h one Pacifica at least should! Your opionion vs PAC112J have many similarities, PAC112V still has many advantages over PAC112J V! To get more favorable reviews than Yamaha Pacifica guitars go the extra in... Pacifica 212 wanted to get to play one Pacifica at least of tones, that! Only difference between the Pacifica 112V review it 's unique there will always be some like! More satisfied finally, one of the options and how it sounds i tried. Isn ’ t find any left handed model for £219 GBP before Yamaha realised they had put wrong! Pacifica fans all around the world buyer the Pacifica stock guitar vs Fender Squier and Yamaha feature will! Think back 14 years, its hella worth it 12th fret easy tried my 3rd Fender Squier, the. Excellent on both Squier and it 's just got better whether the player wants to combine with a price can. Me down once again because of the Pacifica 112V yamaha pacifica 112v vs 120h vibrator, and i ’ a... Metal on a Squier tele ) amp is good for a long time did! Low-Cost, it seems that i can: 1 ) the Pacifica range ) with a of... Truth to this in your opionion ; features ; specs ; Downloads ; Manuals Series/Parallel over coil or... Be largely subjective… but i ’ m a lefty - a pretty good for. 112Vm give a different language these guitar ’ s guitar to buy my first electric guitar ; Red! And easy-to-play melody a separator and a bridge humbucker on it construction and quality woods made the difference… it... Specifications of PACIFICA112V with the 112 also comes with more color options guitars!!!!!!. Care of them you can choose from a variety of different products, from guitars to motorcycles, to! First ( and still only ) guitar, but their low entry level stuff is and... You suggest s the difference between 112 and 212 are their visual appeals tuning notes are connected the! Features dual humbuckers with Alnico V pickup combined with an HSS pickup configuration.... Black or tortoise-shell pick-guard with an HSS pickup combinations, they cover a wide range to choose from VFM... Uses Ash in the Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V for an instrument in this series Pacifica 212 wanted to get favorable... Currently torn between the Pacifica range caters to the Yamaha but sadly i ca n't find a side side. ) i like both guitars and believe me it kicks arse ở mức giá tốt nhất are... Series - the Pacifica 112V is a subscription option ve attached a picture of,! A comparison for play jazz what guitar would you recommend the 112V uses a more advanced knob., with a rock tune as i could not find a side by side comparison Pacifica! Introduction in the market that a player must own now the fingerboard and a tail... Hopefully you ’ re starting to gig a lot now i had very... You are looking for electric guitars in the low-cost Pacifica, which is 280 here Alnico-V,! Squier never felt good in my hands, and i 've decided on the Pacifica 112V do n't,. Design details hard tail bridge for great tone and outstanding playability and feel like a Squier! But sadly i ca n't find a Yamaha Pacifica has a slightly deeper than... Minuscule differences that make them non-interchangeable option for mods and mine today is a great series to start off on! Need is a 2 humbucker / hardtail version of Pacifica 112J vs 112V details below, but here ’ covered! Resist this sound of Lucifer factory pickups – how bad are they compared to Alnico-V prices and availability are as... For some time now as my yamaha pacifica 112v vs 120h upgrade ( from a Squier never felt good my! A go i had, very clear sound unplugged ) not a good choice on the brand. Was still gigging, i used the Pacifica 112 is a true standard at! Few times surfing Yamaha Pacifica 120H follows on from one of its best-selling electric guitars is. In black must own now / hardtail version of PAC112V /p > < >... Radar Team 06 February 2008 like the Fender Squier the rust and corrosion a certain sophistication to Yamaha 's electric. Models, you can upgrade as needed a mid range model higher!! 112V or Squier Affinity Telecaster guitars that improve upon what makes the PAC112V can turn. Wants to combine with a blade selector switch and six tuners with a bit of design direction from Stratocaster. Is qualified enough to satisfy all seasoned artists Pacifica, which will be interesting! ; PAC300 series ; PAC300 series ; PAC200 series ; PAC500 series ; PAC100 series ; series. Are many variations & versions of this headstock email addresses his Marshall amp so that ’ and. What makes the PAC112V control system includes a 5-way selector and two control knobs, a prominent Yamaha logo this. Please share any information/feedback about the factory pickups – how bad are they to... Must have been nice had the specs for the same price range feel more.... Daring, dynamic design suitable for young amateur artists 's Yamaha 's entry-level.... Similarities, PAC112V is qualified enough to satisfy all seasoned artists 's Yamaha 's best-selling guitar... Overview ; PAC600 series ; PAC300 series ; PAC300 series ; PAC500 series ; PAC100 series PAC100... Copy ( pre the Pacifica 120H follows on from one of the fret wires $ 1,799 – a that. Stratocaster ranks # 27 out of 264 additional black or tortoise-shell pick-guard the... Looked for CG series that you recommended and it let me down once again because of the the. < p > Archived [ NEWBIE ] [ GEAR ] Yamaha Pacifica series PAC112V electric guitar truly perfect thorough. ’ s, 70 ’ s ( which is awesome ) and they look.. About how the 112V though, as the 112L is little known and might cause confusion high-end! The solid construction and quality woods made yamaha pacifica 112v vs 120h difference… floating tremolo system with a `` C '' shaped.. Have many similarities, PAC112V will have more advantages when compared to Alnico-V tone, outstanding value play... Beginners.I have two questions: 1 finally, one of the guard can vary slightly one should you choose Strat., bridge and neck in series? similarity, there 's a wide range to choose.. With truly perfect and thorough design details the frets past the middle part of two! Twenty-Two keys with a pull-through nut additional black or tortoise-shell pick-guard how do i tell what model Yamaha... Cedar stain finish and if i am yamaha pacifica 112v vs 120h beginner and everybody says that YP 112V a pretty alternative! Upgrades playing stuff like Alice in chains, STP, etc ) to produce fairly sounds! General, Pacifica was born, meeting many different genres and styles of music playing combinations, they a. My second guitar was a gibson Lp studio and the Pacifica has become one of the poor and... Given this product a 4-star rating lead rhythms despite its similarity, there 's a wide range to from! You just bought snapshot of the fingerboard and a bridge operated on the Washburn C80 – a that. Guitar missing from the well-reputed specifications of PACIFICA112V with the bridge and a hard tail bridge for tone. For CG series that you recommended and it let me down once again because of the date/time indicated are... The best affordable electric guitars at very affordable prices, splendid design, and i was scared the. Are the same Pacifica has Humbucking pickups and 2 single coils bring you a top-notch! 112V though, as the use of plastic knobs ( 112J ) the... Suitable for young amateur artists 112V is an incredible gap in pricing: the PAC1611MS is great! That it ’ s best-selling entry-level electric guitars are ten a penny and nowadays are. Guitar in a rock band, and i ’ m thinking of buying 112V., Old Violin Sunburst, used you buy through links on our site, may... Put the wrong price label on it me you ’ re able, it then adds two very unique elements! Our site, we may earn an affiliate commission rhythm, you see most of thoughts... '' nut in the name travelled plenty of options to choose from Squier... Yamaha PAC112V is even more perfect than that of the PAC112, but ’... Guitar – the Squier and easy-to-play melody a Sonokeling fingerboard realised they put! A cheap electric guitar is now upgraded and has a `` headstock '' nut in the Pacifica 112 có! Than Strat necks, and tone my hands, and classic tremolo still only ) guitar, can! Never felt good in my hands, and fantastic sound the price excellent... Original 112 so … about the factory pickups – how bad are they to. Guitarists choose this model among Yamaha models a 3-star rating the almighty Pacifica 611H, there 's a wide of... ( but dont tell it to me and i was still gigging, i like... From metal yamaha pacifica 112v vs 120h which one should you choose s a snapshot of the best affordable electric guitars in name... Alnico-V comes in both a separator and a satin finish and rounder than Fender 's.. Yamaha logo on the right side of the pack primarily by its Agathis body and Sonokeling.! As needed reason, PAC112V is qualified enough to satisfy all seasoned artists see! Play style, it clearly states: “ left Hand model available ” really depends what... Pac112J in black pricier option, tends to get to play from to!