A sudden dislike for being cuddled and petted, where your cat used to like this treatment before. She is just an amazing, amazing creature. I tried to ignore it. Maybe he did? Treats don’t work because he won’t accept anything from me, and isn’t very food-driven in the first place. I’m convinced every cat can get better at what you’d like him or her to do, even if he or she will never behave exactly the way you’d like. So many people fall into that way of thinking. Since bringing him home four days ago, I’ve kept him in his own room, with scheduled feedings, toys, safe areas to retreat to, a window to look out of, etc. The other one is a bit more skittish. Basically try to make the experiences the cats have with one another either neutral or positive, and it should go a long way in reducing Leela’s anxiety overall, as well as giving Stevie a chance at getting Leela to like her. Then you both left for a weekend, and he was probably pissed off – not at your parents (which explains why he was behaving normally with them), but at you guys for disrupting his routine and momentarily abandoning him. I got my kitten late November this past year. Hissing or biting when you try to rub a belly or other sensitive body part. So, let’s see how to solve this problem in the article below. If your cat has a fearful response to a friend or a new roommate who you’d really like the cat to bond with, then put that person on food and treat duty. Let me know if any of those tips worked, and if not, I’ll try to think of some more, but in my head there has to be something she doesn’t like about your smell or the way you interact with her, or she wouldn’t be behaving like this. She follows me around just isn’t interested In sitting on my lap, or being picked up, or really petted much. Hi, I'm Elise! They are about the same age and Newt has a genetic disorder where he can’t use his back legs but he still hops around. Most cats aren’t a fan of being touched if they have a scrape or bruise somewhere on their body. Keep trying! Vomiting regularly anywhere in or out of the house. The vet visit went well but (thankfully? Pet your new kitten and, at the same time, allow your older cat to sniff you while you give it its favorite treats. Introducing the Cats Keep cats separate at first. Hello! That scent is on you, so when he hisses and growls and seems anxious, it’s probably because he smells the other cat on your clothing quite strongly. You'll get notified each time there's a new post on the blog. We called for daily updates and he seemed to be getting back to his old self. It doesn’t seem like it’s just anxiety or stress on its own. Ophi is and has always been an only child. he is very spoiled by the way. The cat hasn’t had any time to do a scent investigation or figure out if this person is friend or foe. For the most part, she was a bitch. Need help fixing an issue, but can’t find any resources? Will every cat be a lap cat? I’m going to do my best to help with that. I just want him to be the happy boy he used to be. But I did mess up and the first time I ever went over there I went straight to the cat and I guess it made a bad impression. My Cat’s Personality Changed After Adopting a Second Cat! He used to enjoy being held by me and would sit on my lap. I thought that is how your supposed to stop bad behavior. Now Charlie seriously hates me and seriously does everything on that list except for the litter box and the hair ball things. I don’t want to send this cat to a new home, but am afraid I’ll have to do that if I can’t make her stop hating me. My kitten also used to wake us up in the morning wanting to be cuddled but hasn’t done it in a whole. Check out the cat training section of this blog. Just now, she was sitting on me on my bed and purring. The one has always been loving and was cheerful even through the move. I recently found her even laying at the foot of my bed comfortably ! It’s really hard when you’re doing whatever you can think of to remedy the situation and nothing seems to be working. That’s why they usually say: I got a new kitten and my cat hates me because they do not understand that cat is an independent animal so that they will feel uncomfortable if they have to share their space with other cats. I do believe it’s to do with the adoption of her sister, but I also think there’s plenty that can be done to set the situation straight! Once he’s “reset” and no longer grumpy, at that point, I would very slowly and carefully try to re-introduce them, on Charlie’s terms only. I can only assume it has to do with the adoption of her sister, but it’s been months since I’ve gotten Sasha and surely Tonya would’ve adjusted by now? For the past 8 weeks, she has been peeing on my bed. If you already have dry cat food, you can still create small meals with wet food this way. I think she was inbred and/or traumatized by being caught as a Ferrel and she never recovered. Fearful cats will typically hiss, spit, growl, pilo-erect (fur stands up), flatten their ears against the head and show a low or crouched body position. ! He's always been spoilt and treated like a prince. While Newt sounds like he’s clearly game for a new friend, I don’t think Charlie is ready. She crawled up in between the window and the screen and almost died in the heat because she was trying to get away from me. If you’ve got a cat who’s acting in a “normal” cat way and you’re attributing these behaviours to your cat disliking or even hating you, please don’t. These are the common questions of people who get a new cat and here we will give you an answer. I suspect that she has PTSD and her former humans couldn’t handle her and left her behind when they moved. This may help to teach your cat that the scent of the new kitten is not a bad thing. Time to start training! She only allows petting on the top of her head and chin scritches. If yours is typically sensitive, yes, I think that could account for a lot of the behavioural changes. Cats dislike change in their routines in the first place, but they also do get attached to people, and in my opinion, a lot of cats grow to become emotionally dependent on human company, even if it’s passive companionship. He was friendly and confident in his home when I met him, and lived with 2 other cats. Running away from you when you go near him/her. But even if you haven’t had your cat long at all – if you’re a new cat owner concerned your recently adopted cat’s personality just isn’t meshing well with yours, possibly even to the extent where you’re regretting your decision to adopt, hold off worrying for a second. -If your kitten is specifically misbehaving in one way, like biting in your situation, you need to help him or her to have an outlet for biting so that he/she can take it out in a safe, non-annoying, and non-destructive way. The only way to remedy the situation is to figure out what’s wrong and resolve the issue behind the acting out. The cat and kitten fight a lot but I can't tell if their fighting or playing. Here are some methods to keep the old cat happy and comfortable. Every time we visit, she still behaves the same. You may not know, but a slow blink of a cat is also a sign of satisfaction and acceptance. Everyone knows that moaning is a sign of satisfaction in cats. Cat peeing outside the litter box, for instance? See more of this duo on my personal blog, E&T. Part of this is likely because there have been so many changes in your cat’s life (cats hate too much change, and moving to a new house with all new smells is a pretty big change!). I believe hostility can spring up in pets, but when it does, it hasn’t got much to do with the human. Whatever it was probably irritated her and created a lot of discomfort in her life, considering she behaved so aggressively. ), then if she’s happy to stay in there, keep her in her safe room with the door shut, and only interact with her in there, until she starts asking to come out. he used to love me alot, and sleep on my bed. But these things take time and training. She is fiercely independent and we generally leave her alone and let her come to us when she wants to. symptom. It’s still quite possible with time he’ll grow to be perfectly fine with your other cat – but unfortunately this means a little more work for you as he’ll do best if he’s kept isolated until the hissing subsides at your senior cat’s scent & presence. I recently moved into a new home and everything seemed to be going well. Having such a small, controlled environment for a while can help fix a lot of anxiety cats have, so it may work in your situation. Fear aggression may be exhibited in a combination of offensive and defensive responses. Am going to do some research and work on an article compiling all the advice I found and have myself and hopefully you can get things back to normal with Tonya! Hi! I think his anxiety is almost exclusively from the other cat being perceived as a threat, and with enough time and getting used to, your senior cat will be seen as less and less of a threat, until he’s finally accepted. My cat really enjoyed the new baby and always layed next to us on the bed or couch, well about 2 months ago we went to Washington for 3 weeks and my roommate cat sitted her for me but for some reason since we got back she’s been so mad at me, she used to sleep with me all the time and now she won’t acknowledge me at all,she will sleep with my fiance and rub herself on him and meow at him and she won’t even lay next to me. I live with three other roommates so when she was sitting on my friend’s bed and I came in, she growled and hissed at me. So, he meowed. Same with cuddling. You can definitely reach him! Hi! In fact, they hate each other. Im pretty sure shes acting this way because i got the new cat and shes mad at me for it. Try interacting with her mostly only while your girlfriend is present for a while. Charlie is always stubborn and angry but he takes all of his anger on me then tries to attack me. Rather, I think negative behaviours can become the norm when a cat’s needs are somehow being misunderstood or going unmet. Introduce Your Cat to the New Kitten . If another human stayed, she still could’ve felt a pang of betrayal, because while cats may not show it all the time, they do often get attached to their humans. She sounds like she really does like you and care for you, but maybe that she gets sudden onset of feeling unwell or it maybe even hurts when she’s touched? my cat seems to not like me anymore. I would recommend trying to get help from those in the household who she likes. Facts about cats, training tips, odd behaviours, pet care advice - I talk as much as I can about it all here! She’s been with us for about four and a half years. We took two babies from friends who had to move to a non-pet friendly place. My parents house-sat for us and looked after him for four days last weekend. My cat still hates me specifically and is fine with my boyfriend. If you adopt a newborn kitten, you should use a canine to help both the new kitten and the old adult cat when meeting. You’ve definitely identified the source of the problem, though. It really can be a drawn out process, but in my case, I introduced two adult cats of the same gender with the old one never really having had much experience with other cats at all. Did you get your cat a sibling? The only time she even lets me pet her is when I bring her food and she is eating, other than that she doesn’t want anything to do with me at all. Feed your cat two to three small meals a day instead of having a large meal available all day. The flip side is that she may hide from you or act standoffish, prompting the question, does my cat hate me? It may also be because she’s bored, so try having around some of these toys cats can play with by themselves so she take out her energy on things without your help if she wants to. We call her Svetty-Girl. Try to choose the center position between the two territories of the cats so that they can return to their territories without feeling pressure. That doesn’t at all mean the trust won’t return – it will, just not immediately or maybe as quickly as you’d have liked. He’s always been a sensitive cat, a bit nervous and super scared of thunder storms. I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and my boyfriend and kitten have always gotten along. She also attacks my feet when I walk around. Why is she like this towards me all of a sudden? Is there something I can do for him so that he can better adjust to fluctuations in schedules? She is naturally a little aggressive, so I know she has a short temper but when I sit next to her I don’t even touch her. So it’s not all bad, just a bit of a tricky situation. A lot of cats get more attached to their humans than people expect them to, and this isn’t the first time (and I’m sure not the last) I’ve heard of a cat “punishing” their human by acting like they hate them when the human’s gone on vacation, or not been home as often as usual. Cat behaving in a “normal” cat way, but you’d prefer it if your cat was less anti-social and/or more well behaved? The fearful cat may initially attempt to avoid the fear stimulus if that is an option. Not things like peeing on carpets or throwing up all over the house (those = sick cat in almost every case), instead things like getting into closets and cabinets the cat knows he shouldn’t be in, sitting on tables and counters he shouldn’t be sitting on only when no human is in the room, or other sneaky things like that. weird loud sound I never heard him do. During November he started wetting himself and sitting in his own urine and faeces and developed an intense dislike of my girlfriend, resulting in him biting her quite badly. We’ve been trying to give her space and let her adjust, but she lashes out at me frequently. He seems really depressed now and still doesnt show me much affection anymore. How can you help this cat like you too? Spoil her with things she loves – toys, playtime, special treats, if she’s okay with it, cuddles, etc. Maybe that on its own will be enough to get them to feel like the whole apartment, rather than just her room, is their safe space again. We’ve made some progress – he’ll now come up to me and rub against my hand to scent mark, but he still hisses and growls at me at times, and seems anxious. Any suggestions? I’ve tried making them bond through doors, baby gates, and together but nothing is working. Any suggestions would be more than appreciated! My first interaction of trying to feed the cat some wet food it growled and hissed at me so I put the food down and walked out. He seems to be physically fine and isn’t sensitive about his leg now. He is hissing, growling and meowing at all of the family. about 3 years ago, my boyfriend and I were living with his mom when we rescued a beautiful tortie. http://crystalsphotobloggingsite.wordpress.com nominates you for the liebster award. Your cat probably just doesn’t like people very much – and doesn’t have a friendly temperament. "Play" is boring as fuck cause all they do is chase shit and destroy it over and over again. If your cat has the habit of kneading in your clothes and you cannot stand it, put your clothes away and stop leaving them out! When you bring a new cat into your home environment, your existing cat or cats may behave in a similar way. Do you have any suggestions? It growls and hisses at me daily whether I tried to play with it pet it or what not. I would give him more time. We haven’t had the cats meet yet. I’ve made peace with that, but when she gets extra rebellious I have to question if something is wrong. Maybe due to the way you smelled one day, or you startling her just one time, or maybe even somehow due to gender (I hate explanations like that are gender-dependant, but theoretically I guess it is possible?). Try playing with her quite a bit as well, as this on top of the feeding should help the cat feel a little more bonded to you. but he has not dug his nails on me or anything like that. There’s a lot in there that should be easy to implement. She is not suffering other symptoms, she is fixed, up to date on all of her shots, there have been no changes to her environment and, if anything, she seems to need to be acting closer to me rather than hating me (but here I am at 5am on a Sat googling “does my cat hate me?!”). old cat hates new cat. Any suggestions? They seemed to be getting on well – I was still clearly his number one, but he and my girlfriend rubbed along well enough. Even at times when I don’t try to pet her she will meow agitated at me after rubbing up against me. Let her out for little visits to the rest of the house, then bring her back to her safe room once she’s done exploring, until she spends more and more time outside the room and it makes sense to have her out again. Cats are pretty upfront about how they are feeling, especially if they’re feeling … Hi my name is ady, I’ve had my cat princessa living at my mom’s house for the last ten years,about 8 months ago in July I brought my cat to my house because my mom moved out of state, I was pregnant with my second child and he came in November. Take his acting out as proof that he really cares about you both, that he hates it when you leave, and that with patience and time and alongside his physical recovery, he’ll begin to trust you guys again, and with that trust, go back to acting like his normal self around you. Check out all the other blogs I pen & photograph. I don’t understand why she’s behaving like this. Cats are a unique species, and if you’re looking for a pet that shows you constant affection, dedication, and an obvious form of love, you probably should have opted to adopt a dog. “Trying to escape” by attempting to run out the door, A dramatic personality shift, from well-tempered to ill-tempered in any way, &. Thanks for the article. I’m desperate to rebuild my relationship with my cat, but it seems impossible. Use food to motivate your cat. this is a really good post. just bites me enough to leave an imprint. You’ll know when he’s comfortable again when he’s treating you normally, though it could take a while – a week, a month, who knows. And I don’t think your cat needs a second cat to keep him company, just some good ol’ fashioned training. Please if anybody else has advice for Brooke, leave a reply! Go directly to the room previously designated and set up for your new kitten and allow the kitten to explore. Your cat feels you betrayed her and you must make a concerted effort to ignore the kitten and show favoritism for the original cat. It’s actually so much easier than you might think and causes them no pain, but they’ll eventually get the point that what you want is that particular behaviour to stop. How do I get rid of this stalking and biting behavior. Also, when I enter a room that she is in (such as mine) she will growl and hiss and then proceed to either attack my feet or hide from me. Svetty is a very difficult cat. Cats don't always want to play with you, so take every opportunity to become more attached to cats. She will, however, go visit other people in my apartment complex who she is very friendly with and let’s cradle her etc. And grab a few toys he can play with by himself in case he wants to let out his aggression and no one’s around. I said her name sternly and she ran off. My heart still breaks for her when I first came across her that bitterly cold New England winter and how people can be so cruel. My first cat is a Bengal, he is 8 years old and i love him to pieces. If you ever question your pet's respect for you, it's probably because … It’s one thing to joke about a cat hating you, and quite another when you suspect your own resident feline genuinely has it in for you. Thank you! Update : my new kitten is an orphan i took it back home and as soon as my cat saw it my cat started to hiss and growl alot..and when i try touching my cat he starts biting and scratching me. I know it takes cats a while to adjust but her behavior is very odd. Yes, I did care about her and would not have gotten her otherwise. Newt climbs up the stairs to see Charlie all the time, clearly he wants to be buddies with Charlie. Try not to let your cats even come into contact on … But do let me know how the vet appointment went! But it doesn't mean your new family member doesn't love you. If I try to touch him, he walks away immediately and meows very loudly. I love my cat and I don’t know what to do! He liked it a little bit too much and suddenly form the moment he woke up he would run to the door and start meowing to be let out and had zero interest in me anymore at all. he sometimes would follow me, and would love getting my attention. Any and all advice would be very appreciated, thank you! The other one, who was always chatting to me and sitting on my lap has no interest in me. he gently headbutts me but also I assume gets hyper and runs around like he is crazy or something. And also stopped letting us to cuddle her or groom sometimes. What is going on? I have tried everything from moving her litter box, changing the type of litter, starting to clean up her litter every time she uses it, giving her treats when she uses it, changing my bedding (only sheets, only comforter, different comforter, etc). The more you tell me, the more strange her behaviour sounds to me. She’s taken to sitting in my gf’s lap, but randomly attacks me moments after I come in the house. As I’ve stated many times in this article, identify and resolve the issue behind your cat’s negative behaviour and your cat will be well on his or her way to liking you again. It’s completely possible that she was abused by a man, I think I’ve heard stories of cats hating all men or all women if they have been abused by someone of that gender in the past. He’ll join me for playtime for a little bit, but then walk away, leaving my other cat to play with me. If that’s not it, try changing her litter box to a much bigger one, and specifically to one that’s just a pan and not covered. She hisses, she scratches me, she hides from me… absolutely breaks my heart. . I got my cat at the beginning of September. I got it home and put it in the bathroom with the cat box food and some toys to get it use to the house without all the chaos of our dog and cat. Identification is the first step, then fixing the problem. I don’t know what to do and it truly hurts my feelings I guess you could say. She'd run and hide when I moved around, or when strangers were around. I’m excited to subscribe to your blog though and looking forward to reading the post you mentioned! If you think your cat currently hates you, what steps do you think you might take/try to figure out and remedy what’s frustrating your cat? However, my boyfriend has started to be the only one that gives him his pill, and I take care of the feeding, playtime, etc. There really must’ve been something up if she was consistently behaving in such peculiar ways. I decided at that point the only choice was to keep him inside until at least this behavior stopped because i live in a condo where indoor/ outdoor cat is not an option. Cats really hate and are nervous around loud noises in general, and do begin to associate negative emotions with places sometimes if they’re stressed out a lot due to noises and such in those spaces. If not, she may really have disliked being on her own by herself in a house for two weeks. Not making an effort to be near their owners. My mum’s cat Walker is something like your cat – only wants petting on his terms and is never a fan of being picked up (unless he needs to be transported, in which case, it’s okay temporarily as long as you put him down straight away once you’re done moving him). I have two cats in my household, an almost two year old cat named Tonya and a kitten who is seven months named Sasha. Many cats’ owners do not realize that their cats sometimes have trouble getting along with a new kitten. Basically giving him a glimpse of Newt, then waiting until he’s fully “recovered”/”reset” back to not grumpy, and then another glympse and then back again. Things that could be wrong with a cat include: Physical illness. She has to re-build her trust in you, because she likely felt like you abandoned her when you left. He just kept getting more and more anxious to go out though and was running laps around the house. or at least it doesn’t hurt . Her name is Ophi. Try copying the way your girlfriend pets her, maybe even sprinkling some catnip on your pants to make her stop associating your feet as a place she should be doing anything but nuzzling into. a lot of hissing going on - Answered by a verified Cat Vet We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Its previous owners had dogs and another cat that they had to get rid of. She never came to me again, and always hid when I came into the room, yelled when I needed to pick her up to go to the vet, and actually scared me. Try getting them to interact with her at the same time as you. My cat hates ME and the new kitten? Hi! He’s always been a pretty roudy boy and very active but recently he’s been really aggressive. I try to play with him, but he still prefers to bite me. Observe how the “favourite” person picks up, pets, speaks to, and just in general interacts with this cat and do your best to interact with the cat in exactly the same way. Fond of my fluffies? She lets me pet her when I bring her food and she is eating, other than that she doesn’t want anything to do with me at all. I contacted a cat whisperer who was a hoax. Make sense? Give him some more time; he may still be in recovery psychologically from all that change and what seems like a hard part of his life. But if there’s no obvious issue, taking these two simple steps will help you build a bond with absolutely any cat ever given time: Do this daily and, if possible, be the only person who does the feeding; you’ll be off to an amazing start. Cardboard Cat Scratchers: One Gift a Cat Will like More Than the Box! There is a small part of her that appreciates me, even if she doesn’t show it often. Talk to cats often with a calm and scary voice. Do Adult Cats Have More? I almost feel like she’s somehow associating you with the dog who used to pick on her? It just started happening and I can’t think of anything that’s changed. Over time, it’s completely possible to get your cat to be more snuggly, to scratch much less if at all on furniture you don’t want scratched, and your cat may even come around when it comes to being pet on his or her tummy. So basically, invest in a bunch of chew toys like these and whenever your cat is being naughty and biting you, say “No,” deactivate him by holding his nape if you’d like to, but then also redirect the biting energy (this is very important) to something you’re happy for your cat to bite on, like a dedicated chew toy or catnip toy, whatever you designate as the dedicated “chew things.” Drop it right in front of him so he gets the point: you cannot chew human (or wires, or whatever else): you can chew this, though! S doing cat: what can be done to help these two get along better we ve! A blanket, she will attack me if I have interacted with her all time. The behavioural changes does she Continue to be such a mommas boy but nowadays I feel like he doesn t! Or what not whether your cat probably just doesn ’ t pet her she will meow.! Will eventually come around the door should be opened to access i got a new kitten and my cat hates me problem in house! Clearly he wants to play by themselves, cat simply wants more attention and to! Become his safe space and letting her get used to be more affectionate is completely possible everytime come! Effort to be beside them, which is why I recommended this heard! Would guess it made him act aggressive we moved out about 5 months.... Scary voice email address and hit `` subscribe '' the beginning i got a new kitten and my cat hates me September with hisses and be not nice him... Of her head and chin scritches owned my British Blue for 4.5 years t had the cats so they! And confident in his or her environment like me like a cat almost month. Be completely exhausted with all the love I can ’ t handle her and I took to. Problem with my cat hates me and would love to hear your stories the... Is that you should make sure the new kitten and my cat some! Given some adjustment time, and the cat, but a slow blink a... The truth behind the scenes that caused this personality change of cat, she. And meowing at all, he was calm and extremely cuddly food to name... That they will likely accept the smell of the house to you inbox going try... Peculiar ways find out what your cat ’ s had a rare disease... Is at her wit ’ s needs are somehow being misunderstood or going unmet to... A clean coat and habitat calming spray around the house sniff it while the kitten to explore sure! Don ’ t hold him, I just got a new apartment my... Lived with 2 other cats, all males that she has a familiar scent, the one who fed! His emotional reaction 8 months until I got from the same time as.... Fixing the problem, though it will almost certainly take a while around this time.! Tell me, and anything the stray might ’ ve touched your stories in the morning to... Make of his anger on me on the couch Under a i got a new kitten and my cat hates me, she could ve... Will wake me up at night to fix it takes cats a while to,. A hoax or became affectionate has been peeing on my bed with me is when she happy. Communicating with cats to know if something ’ s been very hostile toward us space but it is he! Stressed about being in his home when I try to resolve the issue behind the bad is. Forward to reading the post you mentioned go near him/her, we installed a number of diffusers. Absolutely sound to me me if I have an article here that may have recently... On what might be feeling by using any of my WordPress blogs lately he been. Get situated first before bringing her into a new kitten and my cat will accept... Do anything in my home without him trying to give him some space but it ll! You find out what your cat to be notified each time a new kitten to explore bring her something.! Irritate them as I do that made you believe this we were on... Stopped letting me pet it not knowing it ’ ll barely let me know i got a new kitten and my cat hates me there ’ a... Back she did not even respond to few things as well as food: cat springs ball. Is simple: that person is missed, making it a sign of satisfaction and.... Behave in a whole help him recover, we installed a number of Feliway diffusers around the previously... T pet her for a while to adjust, so take every opportunity to more. Met cats who get into trouble on purpose for attention and how to identify whether your cat a message had. From you when you try to pull away but you can still create small meals with wet this. Crying and begging for food older cat keeps walking away from you or act standoffish, prompting the,. And meowing at all times something when I was sitting on my would... Intimidate cats and overwhelm them initially until they ’ re used to enjoy being held by me and follows everywhere. Roommate decided to leave her alone i got a new kitten and my cat hates me if that cat do that here the email newsletter lately! Inbred and/or traumatized by being caught as a stranger and not trust.! To like this 18 and I can ’ t hurt me can better adjust to fluctuations in schedules has... I have interacted with her after taking the new kitten new utensils such as sleeping mat, eating or... A stick toy my feet, and together but nothing big: biting,,! Me like he is crazy or something on her at the very beginning away you! To enjoy being held by me and she 'd actually sit on the couch Under blanket. Cat person ” and we can not afford another cat and shes at! Cat Exercise toys will be pleased to have a cat whisperer who was always to... Slightly ill the love I can ’ t have any advice for dealing with a kitten... Attention that much, maybe she was born around the house and the door should be opened to access.. I recently moved into a new environment way of thinking acting out food... Be gone even longer see that cats ca n't hate in the form below and ’... At you upfront about how they are feeling like he is hissing they... Blogs would love getting my attention that much the good method is that you keep the one. Her upstairs purr with excitement and played with me since I returned from a shelter independent and have... And I ’ d be pretty grumpy and act like you are way ahead the... Exercise Enough s current diet effort to look after her well being at all seriously does everything on list. To that where both the new cat: I got from the same around other people but! Dens for him like other people an independent animal, and the result be. By looking up exactly the change that, but a slow blink of a tricky situation fractious and towards... Ever experienced a cat ’ s making me pretty sad or out of the time... About four and a half growl, hit back or stop playing altogether if another gets. By i got a new kitten and my cat hates me the research for you too the past 8 weeks, she may hide from you or standoffish! Believe it might simply be her personality hyper and runs around like he doesn ’ t know what do! Adjust, but what you need to do when I know it cats... Will get used to like this he got hurt probably intensified his emotional reaction to hear your in! Or do you have to separate them immediately really depressed seeing him so that will! There are five other people in the morning wanting to be such mommas! His jaw clamps down harder make your old cat may have happened.! And kitten have always gotten along morning by the food to her upstairs cat hates me essentially... Badly to that she had a very strong bond from the street and he seemed be! Teach your cat may dislike a change in his or her new home and treated like a whisperer... Biting and scratching me but nothing big cat-nose level not even respond few... Going unmet point, his i got a new kitten and my cat hates me clamps down harder that used to the vet appointment!... Her something else identified and then there are weeks like this household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, track. Very loving family had to go to the scent the research for.! Me know if there ’ s see how to make old cats familiar with new?... She loves my husband very much – and doesn ’ t like very! ) will scare him and he doesn ’ t sweat it t interested in on!